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    Little Red Riding Hood

    Charles Perrault

    A little girl all dressed up in red is going to visit her sick grandma. But do we really know what happens in the woods? Are you there, wolf? Or not?
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    The legend of St Nicolas

    There were three little boys walking in the fields… And what happened to them? Fortunately, Saint Nicolas was not far away…
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    Tales of Winter,

    Spring, Summer and Autumn

    Michael the Bear meets a goose. “Where are you going?” he asks. “I’m running away from winter and I’m looking for summer.” “Come with me!” And there they are, walking together…
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    Hansel and Gretel

    The Brothers Grimm

    How will we get out of the big forest wonders Gretel. Hansel comforts her. Wait a bit, and soon the moon will rise. And when it shone high up in the sky, Hansel took his sister by the hand.
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    Pirates and Corsairs

    Skimmers of the 7 seas

    "Up lads and at them!" Pirate stories for intrepid little boys….But whether Blackbeard or Redbeard, who buried the treasure on Skull Island?
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    Princess and Dragons

    Caves and dungeons

    Will the courageous prince manage to kill the dragon? And what if the dragon were a prince? Would the princess kiss him?
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    Pied Piper of Hamelin

    German Legend

    Once upon a time, the town was overwhelmed by rats. The inhabitants all agreed to give a reward to anyone who would get rid of them…